I’ve seen Younique products around for a while but I hadn’t ever tried them until a few weeks ago.  My cute friend, Jordan, sent me some of her favorite products and honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to some of my old makeup products.

Concealer:  I loved this concealer because it gave me a natural, no-makeup look.  It’s thick but blends easily and can hide just about anything!

Foundation:  After using the Younique foundation one time I knew I was hooked.  The full coverage lasts all day and doesn’t look or feel heavy.  I know some of you girls carry around powder so you can touch up a time or two during the day; but with this foundation there’s no need. After putting on my makeup before the sun rises and wearing it all day long, I go home from work and still look like I just applied the foundation.  I love it!


3D Fiber Mascara:  This mascara definitely made my eyelashes look so much more full and long.  I used to have eyelash extensions, but I got them taken off a few years ago because I was allergic.  After taking my eyelash extensions off I felt like my eyelashes were SO short.  This mascara is the perfect in-between natural and falsies because I can control the way that my lashes look!  There’s even a BONUS, it’s hypoallergenic.  There are two steps in this process, (1) apply the fibers and then (2) apply the actual sealing mascara.  Apply more layers of fiber and sealer for a more dramatic look, and fewer layers for a more simple look.


For help on how to apply the mascara, watch this short video →

Lip stain:  This stain is bold and just a little bit goes a long way.  When I’m going for a more subtle look I only have to apply a tiny bit to get the perfect color.  When I’m going for a bold lip, I apply the color all over and it lasts hours!  What I love most is that the stain lasts hours, but it comes wipes off easily (with warm water and a cloth) when you decide you don’t want it any longer.


Like I said, after using the Younique products I’m not sure I’ll be able to go back to the makeup I used to use.  I love full coverage and dramatic lashes, but I hate feeling like my face is painted on!  These products made me feel beautiful without lathering on layers of paste to my face.

To get your Younique products contact Jordan at  She’s extremely helpful and really knows her makeup! 


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