An Experiment in Words

Just over two years ago, this inspiring activity was posted on YouTube and totally changed some views on the power of positive words.  This has quickly become one of my all-time favorite YouTube posts because it shows genuine reactions to the power of positive words.

How many times have we held our tongues when we go to give a compliment because we feel we will be looked at weird or thought of as “weird”?  We’ve all probably done this at one time or another.  How do you feel after you receive a compliment, a positive comment, or even a simple smile?  Personally, I think it always feels good.  In fact, there have been times where I’ve felt down about life and a stranger shares a smile or positive comment and it completely turns my day around.  

Imagine the world we could create if we each gave just one compliment, or one kind comment each day.  Never suppress a genuinely kind thought.  You never know who you’re impacting for the better.

Creator of YouTube video: Tim Johnson, KSL News

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