See Beautiful

Yesterday I received a new favorite in the mail that reminds me to “see beautiful” in everything.  The company “See Beautiful” sent me a handmade bracelet with those words engraved in it.  Sometimes it’s hard to see beauty when my hair is a mess, my house looks like a bomb exploded, and I only have enough food in the fridge to feed a mouse.  It’s hard to see beauty when I feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and stressed out.  I’ve been wearing the bracelet since yesterday, and I’ve already seen a bit more optimism and appreciation in my attitude since then.  To me, this bracelet is of the greatest reminders I can wear at all times; it’s the perfect reminder to find the beauty in myself and in life!

Now you have the chance to win one of these perfect little reminders!  Check out my Instagram page (@buildyourbeautiful) for entry details.  Good luck!  xoxoIMG_0663IMG_0688IMG_0715


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