What Matters Now

How many of us are perfectionists?  I certainly am.  Being a perfectionist definitely has its advantages.  When I paint my nails I never end up with nail polish on my skin; when I vacuum my house I must get every single corner or else it drives me crazy; when I write a school paper I have to do the very best I can, even if it means staying up all night long (big thanks to chocolate and popcorn for making that possible).  However, one of the disadvantages of being a perfectionist is that non-urgent things to do will stay on my mind for weeks.  I’ll write “to-do” lists of things to get done in a single day and when every item isn’t checked off I feel discouraged and dissatisfied.  I feel that I’m not working hard enough, moving fast enough, and accomplishing enough.  I get stressed out and overwhelmed because only the very best, or perfection, is acceptable in my mind.

We hear “don’t worry about it” constantly and often that is an extremely hard battle.  Recently I’ve tried really hard to focus on advice from loved ones, articles, and motivational speakers.  I’ve started to focus on “what matters now”.  I’ve started to ask myself, “Does this really matter?” and “What is critical at this moment?” and I’ve learned those questions help me to prioritize and feel less overwhelmed.  These questions have helped me to put tasks that aren’t crucial on the back burner for a minute and focus on what really matters at the time.

This world can be crazy busy and sometimes we have a million things we want to get done, but that’s not always realistic.  When I take the time to live in the moment, prioritize what I need to get done, and let go of the things I can’t control I realize how much happier I feel.  There is far less stress and far more joy in my life.

Today, take a deep breath and ask yourself, “What matters now?”  Tackle those items, and allow yourself to let go of the rest.  I’m definitely not perfect at this, but the road to perfection is always under construction right?  Let’s work a little harder to be a little better each day.  XOXO

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