Utah Life

One of my very favorite summer activities is hiking.  I love hiking because it is a way to stay fit, be healthy, and get outdoors!  I do not get the luxury of spending much time outdoors because I work full-time in an office and I am in school (the combination of school and work basically means zero free time). I also love hiking because I can hike among friends and family members and make great memories along the way.


This last weekend my family and I hiked Doughnut Falls.  Have any of you people from Utah hiked there?  It was my first time and I LOVED it!  Check out this amazing view from the top:


At the top of the hike there is a big hole in a rock where a stream of water falls through; that is why this hike is called Doughnut Falls.  There is a small cave anyone can enter to see the water falling through the rock and my family and I decided to go inside.  Jace thought it would be fun to hold me on his back and walk through the falling stream of water.  Good idea?  Not so much.  We thought going through that stream would be like going under the waterfall in the Lazy River at Seven Peaks.  We were SO WRONG and completely underestimated the power of that water!  When we hit the center of the waterfall, Jace almost fell over and took me down with him.  We were scrambling to find out feet again and looked like the most uncoordinated couple on earth.  HAHA!  I am so glad we got it on video.  I will figure out a way to post that video in the future… stay tuned because if you want a good laugh you will not want to miss this one!

Big thanks to Hikr Life (Instagram: @hikrlife, website: http://www.hikrlife.com) for showing us this cool hike, and to Utah Live Elevated (Instagram: @utahliveelevated, website: http://www.ladyscorpio101.com) for the cool flag so we can always rep our favorite state!

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