Like A Girl

In 2015, there was an ad in the Super Bowl that touched so many people worldwide.  It influenced the way that I think about doing something “like a girl” and I thought it would be something fun to share with you.

As we grow older, we often associate doing something “like a girl” with negativity and feel insulted if it is used to describe anything we do.  When did something “like a girl” become an insult?

Let’s rethink what it means to be a girl.  We are strong, capable, and passionate.  We are leaders, fighters, and protectors.  We were born with a deep intuition and have the ability to bring life into this world.  We are understanding, powerful, empathetic, and loving.  That’s not to say we don’t have weaknesses.  Everyone does.  But we are so much more than the stereotypical female we so often associate with.

Let’s redefine what it means to do something “like a girl”.

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