23 Things to Learn by Age 23

Last week I had my 23rd birthday.  I can hardly believe it!  Growing up I remember thinking  how old just 20 was.  I remember thinking by this time in my life I’d be married with at least one child and possibly two.  HA!  I remember thinking I’d be working as a hairdresser and I’d own a salon.  I remember thinking I’d have all the most amazing clothing and I’d have a house decorated like it belongs in a magazine.

Instead, I am happily married with no children and I still feel young.  My job is not doing hair, but helping people find happiness and success by overcoming their behavioral health issues.  I certainly don’t own a salon but I am working at a place I love.  I have enough clothing and a partially-decorated home and I feel happy!

This week I want to share with you 23 things I’ve learned thus far in the 23 years of my life.

  1. Honesty is the best policy, always.
  2. A smile can make a huge difference.  People are watching, whether you believe it or not.  A smile can help you to feel more positive, and a smile can turn someone’s awful day into a great one.  I’ve experienced both ends!
  3. Try every food you have the chance to.  You may be surprised and end up loving some of the things you thought didn’t look appetizing.
  4. God will never give you a trial you aren’t able to handle.  You are strong and you are capable and you CAN make it.
  5. Having a few good friends is far better than having a lot of not-so-good friends.  Choose your friends wisely because they really do make a difference in your life.
  6. What’s on the inside of a person is far more important than what’s on the outside.
  7. Be confident in YOU!  One day you’ll look back and where you are today and wonder why you weren’t the most confident person in the world.
  8. God is ALWAYS there for you.
  9. If you must compare, compare how you were in the past to how you are today or to who you want to be in the future.  Far too often we compare ourselves to others.  A rose can never be a lily, and a lily can never be a rose.  All flowers are beautiful if their own way, and that’s like people too.
  10. Eating healthy really does make a difference.  It’s amazing how much more energy I have and how much more positively I think when I give my body the nutrients it needs.
  11. Get to know others and the reasons why they are the way they are.  There isn’t a single person you wouldn’t love if you knew their story.
  12. Friends come and go, but family will always be there.  Those siblings you fought with growing up will become your best friends one day.
  13. Sometimes all you need is to take a deep breath…  Or a couple deep breaths.
  14. When you get tired learn to rest, not to quit.
  15. You are worthy of love!  You are worthy of love from friends, family, a significant other, and yourself!
  16. Don’t believe everything you think.  You are your own worst critic.
  17. Don’t believe everything you hear.  Many things you hear are far from the truth.
  18. RELAX.  You are enough.  You have enough.
  19. Your parents actually do know what it’s like to be your age.  And (most of the time) they really do have good advice.  You’ll thank them later.
  20. You start every day with a new, clean slate.  Forget the things you feel bad about from yesterday, don’t stress about what you can’t control tomorrow.  Every day you have the chance to start over!
  21. Working out isn’t about punishing your body for what you ate.  It’s about rewarding your body for everything it CAN do.
  22. Stand up for what you believe in.  I have never ever regretted standing up for what I believe is right, but I have regretted saying nothing at all.
  23. Forgive yourself, you’re doing the best you can.

Though I’m still young, I believe I have learned a few things over my 23 years.  I know I still have PLENTY more to learn but these things have been some of the most important I’ve learned thus far.  Hope you find them helpful! xoxo


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