New Year New Me

Can you believe it’s already almost 2017?! I feel like I blinked and 2016 passed me right by. This year has been so busy!  I started my blog, started a new job, and graduated college. Jace and I moved, made a few grown-up purchases, and traveled to a new places. Twenty-sixteen has been a year of change, passion, and growth and I can not believe it is already over.

This last weekend, my family and I decided to sit down and write out goals for 2017. We made goals for a number of categories; health, personal, spiritual, growth, and charity to name a few. In order to make sure our goals are doable and individualized, we sat down and asked ourselves a number of specific questions. I found these questions to be completely eye-opening because they influenced me to contemplate the current paths I am on and the decisions I make every single day.

To save you from reading every single one of my goals (and to save my eyes from burning up by staring at the computer screen for too long), I will share with you just my health goals. I wrote three:

(1) Make time time to workout 5x a week
(2) Name 3 of my personal strengths (inner or outer) each morning
(3) At minimum, eat 5 fruits or vegetables (in any combination) each day

Depending on your needs, you may find these goals to work for you as well. CLICK HERE to take a look at the questions we asked ourselves. I found it interesting because each family member ended up with completely different goals that worked so perfectly for their lifestyle and circumstances. Make sure to have a pen and paper close by to write and revise the answers to these questions!


The workout clothing I am wearing is from Airabella Active. I’m wearing the Balance Tank and the Active Capris and they are the BOMB!  Perfect for meeting those fitness goals.  Go get ’em!


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