Root’d Willow

Alright you guys, I have to share a little secret with you.


A friend of mine approached me in the fall asking if I was interested in trying hair extensions.  My first reaction?  NO WAY.  I have seen so many people end up with damaged hair from extensions and so many other people get hair extensions that just don’t look natural (a huge pet peeve of mine).

Gentry is AMAZING with hair and I have been following her social media hair page for a while.  I wished for thicker hair as long as I could remember, so I thought if I were to trust anyone with giving me my dream hair it would be Gen.  Let me tell you, she gave me exactly what I wanted!

I love how thick my hair is now!  The hair extensions Gentry uses feel natural and blend effortlessly with my real hair.  My real hair is just as long as my extensions, so that definitely helps, but even those with short hair can wear their hair straight with her extensions and it looks natural.

Soooo if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have thicker and/or longer hair, give Gentry a call (801-755-9661).  Take a look at the images below to see how my hair game has totally changed!

9q0a34999q0a34229q0a3383Hair Studio: Gentry at Root’d Willow
Photos: Olivia Markle
Makeup: Darby Blanchard
Studio: Wild Willow Studio

2 thoughts

  1. I would like to schedule a consultation with you brfore I go back to work on the 6th! I’m in love with you work! If you could get back to me asap that would be great! Thank you 😊


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