Recently, two of my sisters moved to California for work and my family has been able to go out there TWICE over the last couple months to visit.  We hadn’t been on a family vacation in a while (schedules are crazy when everyone grows up) and then for some reason it worked out a couple times this last fall.  It was amazing!


The first day we went to Disneyland.  We are huge fans!  I swear Disneyland is just as fun as an adult as it is when you’re two years old.


The next day we went to the beach.  The beach in the fall is a dream!  It’s hot enough to get in the water, but cool enough to not be sweating bullets while you’re just lounging.  The cute bracelet I’m wearing is from Everwear and the funky blanket is from Goosebumps (it’s also the comfiest blanket in the world, FYI).


The picture below is not edited AT ALL.  Aren’t those sunset colors brilliant?  We couldn’t believe how bright they were; it almost looks fake!


Next stop was Beverly Hills.  I felt like I needed to be singing the Weezer song as we pulled up.  This city is just as gorgeous as I dreamed it would be!  The palm trees, classic buildings, old cars, and fancy streets made me want to stay there forever.

The top I’m wearing is from a new shop Cactus and Pine, check them out!  The owner is such a doll and has great style; she’ll hook you up with 15% off when you use the code “BUILDYOURBEAUTIFUL” at checkout!


Later that day we stopped by Dylan’s Candy Bar.  The entire store is full of bright colors and pretty treats.  I wanted to eat everything!


On our last night we cruised around Santa Monica Pier (and we fangirled hard because the Hannah Montana Movie was filmed there).  We loved people-watching and checking out all the carnival rides.  I thought it was so interesting to see how many different kinds of people hung around there!


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