Let’s just say this trip was a dream!  We went to Mexico with two other couples and together we were constantly on-the-go.  We spent the week adventuring to new places, meeting new people, taking risks, and embracing new culture.

I was blown away at the beauty of Mexico.  I’ve been there once before, but during this trip we didn’t spend as much time doing the typical tourist activities.  We spent a lot of time talking to locals and asking them what we should be doing.  I came home with a full heart and an appreciation for a more simple lifestyle we were able to experience.  Take a look at the photos below to see a little bit of our trip!

Check out this pool in the back of our villa!  This cute swimsuit is from Taylored Fashions.  Check them out here.


Look how amazing this sandcastle is that Jace and Josh built!


We watched baby turtles get released into the sea.  I felt like I was living in “The Last Song” by Nicholas Sparks.


The sunsets were TO DIE FOR!  The colors were always intense and bright.


This swimsuit is from Kingdom and State.  It’s one of my favorites!  Take a look at their website… You may see a familiar face!


Alexa and Kayla were such a blast to adventure with all week.  Loooove them!


This Atlas Supply Co backpack made traveling so much easier (and more fashionable)!  Check out the bag I’m wearing here.  I used it for all my personal belongings and our camera; the inside can transform to meet your personal needs.


The zoo was a highlight of the trip.  Check out these animals!  My favorite was being able to hold the babies.  OH MY HEART!


Mexico sure knows how to make my stomach happy.  Coconut flavored everything and these popsicles were AMAZING.  There were fresh coconut shreds frozen inside!

Would this menu make you excited, or completely FREAK YOU OUT like it did for me?  I went vegetarian for this round.


We did a zipline course one day and weren’t able to take any pictures until the end.  Here’s the whole crew!


Mexico 2017 was my favorite trip so far.  The people I met showed me a new way of life.  Many of them live a very simple lifestyle and are SO kind, even to complete strangers.  We had people who talked to us like we were their best friends, people who called their cousin’s friend just to find us the best adventure, and people who pulled strings to help us out even though they don’t know us.  Until next time!  XO


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