Build Your Beautiful: Mexico

While we were on vacation, I made it a point to find out what beauty means to Mexicans. Have you ever seen this video? The first time I saw it a couple years ago it changed my perspective drastically. I found it fascinating how every country perceives beauty so differently. While we may not reach the perfect beauty standards in one country, we are the prime example of beauty in another country.

I’ve made it my mission to help other women improve their self-esteem and see their true worth. So far, I’ve really only been able to speak with people in the USA. I thought it would be interesting to see for myself if Mexico and America have extreme beauty differences like I’ve been told.

For this interview, we went into an ice cream shop on the streets of Puerto Vallarta and asked if we could talk to an employee and ask a couple questions. The employees had no idea who we were, we had no idea who they were, but they agreed to answer some questions.

This interview is mainly with one female (there is a picture posted below), but her coworkers chimed in once or twice. We actually filmed this interview, but it’s extremely hard to hear because of the machines that were working around us. Here is the script (translated in person by a friend of mine).

Many females in the USA suffer from low self-esteem; is the same true in Mexico?  Why do you think that is?
Mexico is the same.  Many people feel bad about their weight, both boys and girls.  This happens because of the things they see on social media and in magazines.  Comparison is a huge problem!

In Mexico, what is a popular definition of beautiful?
It’s in your principles and morals.  What’s on the inside is more important than what’s on the outside.

What is your definition of beauty?
To be able to accept yourself as you are.

Is that a common definition of beauty?
No, definitely not.

What makes you feel beautiful?
Having good morals and being honest.
(15 year-old female employee) Having my baby makes me feel beautiful.

(Asked to a male employee) What makes you feel handsome?
Having people see me as a person of integrity makes me feel attractive.

I thought this interview was fascinating.  These young adults said nothing about outer appearance, they only spoke about inner beauty!  In the world we live in it’s easy to constantly talk about outer appearance.  I regularly hear conversations about bad hair days, clothes that are outdated and worn out,  makeup that isn’t perfect, and weight that needs to be lost.  How often do we focus on inner beauty instead of outer beauty?

This interview showed me that every country may have different views of outer beauty, but inner beauty is what truly matters.  And that definition is the same no matter where you are.

IMG_2628IMG_2611PS these ice cream bars are amazing! I have a picture in the post before this of the coconut bar (my favorite).  Pictured here are the strawberry and cookie flavors.

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