Be Wise

Last week, the online magazine “BE WISE” launched their 19th issue focused on health and wellness.  I was blessed with the opportunity to write an article for their magazine.

In my article, I talk about the physical, mental, and spiritual habits I stick to to feel my best.  This includes (1) what I eat, (2) how/when I exercise, (3) how I push through mental challenges, and (4) my spiritual routines.

Here’s a little piece of my article:

Over the years I have developed a true passion for healthy living.  To me, healthy living is not just exercising and eating your fruits and vegetables.  To reach optimal health, one’s mind, body, and spirit must all be functioning their very best.

Several years ago I reached the lowest point in my life.  I did not give my body the nutrition it needed and I created habits that were detrimental to my health.  In return, I saw my body for everything it was not instead of everything it was.  I was uncomfortable, unhealthy, and unhappy…

I know how it feels to look in the mirror and see only the negative.  I know how it feels to be uncomfortable in your own skin!  For these reasons I continue to pursue Build Your Beautiful.  I am committed to building my own version of beautiful and to helping others to do the same.  Building my beautiful has influenced me to live a healthier life physically, mentally, and spiritually…

CLICK HERE to view my whole article and the rest of the magazine.  You do have to subscribe, but the issue is free and this magazine really is a good one.  I’ve had it pulled up on my phone over the last week to read and re-read articles!  Hope you enjoy.  XO

227A3454227A3528227A3367Photos: Octavia Kathryn Photography
Dress: Bohme Boutique
Jewelry: Everwear
Booties: Anthropologie

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