5 Easy Steps to Body Positivity

While our self-worth should never be based on outer appearance, our world focuses so much on outer appearance that it’s incredibly difficult not to rely on physical appearance for that boost of confidence.

In the Health and Fitness course of Be Wise Magazine, I learned that the ideal thinness currently promoted by Hollywood is only realistic for 5% of the female population. I also learned that 80% of women are unhappy with what they see when they look in the mirror. This is so heart-breaking; I believe we each have unique qualities about us that should help us feel confident in our own skin!

The way we see ourselves physically (body image) plays a key role in our self-worth. These 5 things help me to feel my best and achieve a positive outlook on myself!

    • Do your best to get your heart rate up at least once each day. When you exercise regularly, your mood improves, your energy increases, you sleep better, and you fight off disease more efficiently. Not to mention the great appearance benefits such as more muscle tone and clearer skin!
    • Sleep is easy to put on the back-burner when there are a million things you want to get done (homework, cleaning, shopping, a party, etc.). But guess what? I’m telling you, you need your sleep! Sleep helps regulate blood pressure, improve mood, increase creativity, and lower stress levels. Each of these are key components to a positive self-image.
    • Simplify your makeup routine… let your skin breathe! When we have layers of makeup on every single day it can clog our pores and make it hard to have bright, clear skin. Simplify with a little pressed powder, eyebrow pencil, mascara, and blush. You’ll save your skin and your time. Keeping my makeup routine simple also helps me to focus on who I am as a person instead of what I look like in the mirror.
  4. PONY UP!
    • We all need a break, including our hair.  I use oil to keep the ends of my hair hydrated (my favorite is Moroccan Argan Oil by Organix) and some days I go heat-less to give my hair a rest.  Often on those days, I end up pulling my hair up with ponytail holders that minimize hair breakage (my favorite hair bands are Grab & Go Pony by L. Erickson). When I take care of my hair it prevents breakage and I find it easier to style.
    • Have a water “appetizer” before every meal.  Drink at least 16 ounces (2 cups or one large glass full) before starting your food to make sure you’re hydrated and eating because you’re hungry, not because you’re thirsty.  Water also helps to flush toxins and boost immune system function. Drinking water helps my body look, feel, and function its best!

Feeling our physical best can help us to have a more positive body image.  These five tips help me to feel and function my best year-round! What do you do to pledge body positivity?


Clothing: The Stock Place
Photography: Megan Turley Photography
Necklace: Everwear



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