Rock Bottom Moments

Rock-bottom has built more heroes than a life of perfection ever will.

I know many of us get caught up feeling like we are terrible people when we make mistakes.  I hear about it every day and I often feel it too!  We beat ourselves up feeling like we have failed, we won’t succeed, and this is how we will be forever when one little thing goes wrong.

Tell me this… Would you tell your best friend she should feel bad for days if she accidentally did something wrong?  Would you tell her she should lock herself in her house until that blemish goes away?  Would you tell her she is worth less because she couldn’t afford the name-brand purse she’s been wanting?  Would you tell her she needs to eat less and workout more tomorrow for eating a little extra today?  Would you tell her she should feel bad because she has less followers than a celebrity on her Instagram page?  Would you tell her she will never get anywhere in life because she failed one exam?

If your answers are no, then why do you talk to yourself this way?

You experience heartbreak and stray hairs every once in a while for a reason.  Don’t get down on yourself.  Those rock-bottom moments will teach you life lessons you can reflect on forever.  Those moments can break you or they can make you.  Take those moments and allow them to shape you into a better version of yourself.  If you need to, lean on other trusted individuals for extra support.

Remember, rock-bottom has built more heroes than a life of perfection ever will.


Photos by Ashley Swenson Photo.

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