Strength in Acceptance

“It’s as if we have divided the world into “those who offer help”
and “those who need help.”  The truth is we are both.”
-Brene Brown

I’ve always thought of myself as one who offers help, not necessarily one who needs help.  I’m a very independent woman and I have been ever since I was a little girl!  My parents tell me that when I was 2 years old I was picking out my own clothes.  When I was 12 years old I babysat every weekend in order to pay for the things I wanted.  That fire in my soul to do things myself has never stopped burning.

I’m quick to jump to the aid of my friends and family when I know they need help.  I love serving others and I’ll do everything and anything in my power to help brighten someone’s day.

I try to offer a helping hand whenever it’s possible, but I also turn down another’s helping hand whenever it’s possible.

This week I learned the importance of accepting help and support.  We’re all human; nobody is perfect and everyone has bad days.  I guarantee that at some point in every single person’s life a little extra support will be needed.  Let me tell you, that helping hand can help you RUN through fire when you feel you can barely crawl.

I am amazed at the comfort and strength I found when I willingly received support for a difficult situation I was placed in.  Contrary to some beliefs, receiving help does NOT make one any weaker.  In fact, I think it makes one stronger.

Receiving needed help shows one is willing to put their pride aside and accept something that will help them reach their fullest potential.  It shows one is willing to admit when something is wrong.  It shows one is willing to be vulnerable and feel uneasy.  That, my friend, takes a lot of strength.

This week, I challenge you to (1) offer help to someone who may need it and (2) accept support when you need it.  The results can be life-changing.


Swimsuit: Lime Ricki

Photography: It’s Melissa K Photo

Jewelry: Everwear

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