Home Run

Last night I attended the Munchin’ with Moguls event and let me tell you, I walked away feeling so inspired and motivated!  We are surrounded by incredibly talented people.

During this event, we talked about vulnerabilities, starting businesses, and reaching our fullest potential.  One of my favorite life-lessons from the evening came from the co-creator of Thread Wallets, McKenzie Bauer.  Referring to starting a business, she said something along the lines of this:

You don’t need a home run on your first hit.  You can make a hit to base one, run to bases two and three, and then make it home.  You will still get a point, even if you can only take it one base at a time!

Whoa.  Thinking about your dreams like that is a total game-changer.  You do not fail if your first shot at making your dreams come true doesn’t turn out as successful as you hoped.  It means you learned a lesson!  Make it to base one, even if your hit isn’t perfect, and you can improve your strategy as you go.

Start working right now to make those dreams come true.  Open the doors to possibility and allow yourself to improve as you go.  You can do it!

IMG_7254IMG_7402IMG_7937Swimsuit: Tanlines Swimwear

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