Internal Weather

What’s the weather today?

No.  I’m not talking about the 70 degrees Fahrenheit, partly cloudy sky you see outside.  I’m talking about the weather inside your body.

Is it a 90% humidity, dark clouds forming, thunder rolling, lightening striking kind of day?  Is it a hazardous air, 100 miles per hour wind, below freezing temperature type of day?  Is it a light ocean breeze, bright sun shining, not a cloud in the sky type of day?

Sit and think for a moment.  How are you feeling internally?

Are those winds telling you there is so much going on that you can’t stand up straight?  Is that humidity telling you that your eyes could burst into a torrential downpour at any moment?  Is that warm sun telling you that you have finally found peace in your life?

Often times we go through days in our life without checking our internal weather even once.  Sometimes we get to the end of the day and wonder why we feel worn out, torn up, anxious, depressed, or extraordinarily peaceful.  Find stillness in your life so you can listen to your body and hear what is going on.  Sometimes you will surprise yourself with your internal weather forecast.

Listening to your body can help you feel your very best.  It can help you recognize why your heart aches, what changes you need to make, and what opportunities you need to take.  The best part is it takes as little as 5 seconds!  Listen to your body and you will find fewer questions, a stronger intuition, and more peace in your life.  Those 5 seconds are worth it.


Photography: Ashley Swenson Photo
Hair Bow:  Felt Bunny

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