Secret Sister Hoax

By now, most of us have heard of the Secret Sister gift exchange that’s being advertised like crazy by all our friends and family members through Facebook and Instagram.  Does this image look familiar?
I send out 1 gift and receive 6-36 in return?  SWEET!  I decided I wanted to join in on all the fun.  I posted about this gift exchange on a few social media outlets and I quickly heard back from some friends and family members.
Several people decided to join, but I was also warned by just as many people that this gift exchange is a “hoax” and that it “doesn’t work!”  I was told by many people I wouldn’t get any gifts in return and because of that, I probably shouldn’t participate.
Now if you’re someone who warned me… thank you for being honest and warning me that this secret sister gift exchange may not be all that I expect it to be.  Thank you for looking out for me.
However, something has been eating at me every day since receiving these messages.  If our main focus is the fact that we don’t receive as much as we give then we have it all WRONG.  We have forgotten the truest reason for Christmas.  We celebrate this holiday because of the birth of Christ, the Savior of the world.  It is a season for giving, serving, and believing in others.
Sure, sending out 1 gift and receiving 6-36 in return is what sparked my eye.  I love being surprised by packages and receiving gifts!  However, this is not the reason I chose to participate.  I chose to participate because if I can spend $10 to brighten someone else’s day and holiday season then I will do it… every single time.
The purpose of this holiday season is to focus on being more Christ-like.  The purpose of this holiday season is to brighten one another’s lives!  It’s to show love, kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity.
I am not here to judge those of you who warned me.  I am not here to tell you you’re wrong if you decided not to participate for financial reasons or because you simply do not want to.  My goal is to help us re-focus on what’s most important this holiday season.  To me, that is inviting Christ into our hearts.  We find true joy and peace when we invite Christ into our hearts and try to be more like him.  This holiday season is not about how many gifts we receive; it’s about showing others how much we care!
After reading my little tangent, if you decide you want to join in on the gift exchange then let me know.  I will send you the information!  I’m not trying to sucker anyone in to participation– the purpose of this post is to help us forget about receiving gifts for just a moment.  Forget about the list you wrote Santa (or your mom and dad), the items in your shopping cart, and the ads on TV.  Christmas is less about opening gifts under the tree and more about opening up our hearts.
“He who has no Christmas in his heart will never find Christmas under a tree.”
– Charlotte Carpenter
Photos: By Braadyn
Bracelet: Everwear

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