JAPAN.  This was probably the best trip I’ve ever been on.  The people, the places, the food, UGH I could go on forever!

Ever since Jace and I got married we said we were going to go on a big vacation.  We told ourselves we would go right after we graduated from college… so we did!  We decided on Japan because Jace lived there for a couple years doing a service mission.  He thought it would be fun to go back and visit and I wanted to see everything he’s talked about for years.

I have to say, Asia was never on my radar until I met Jace.  If you asked me where I dreamed to go I would have said Europe or Australia.  After hearing of the amazing experiences Jace had (and he speaks the language so thats a MAJOR plus) I was convinced I needed to go.

We started in Tokyo and moved our way south over the next couple weeks.  We experienced Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Kumamoto, and Beppu.  Hiroshima was my favorite!  We were in Japan for 17 days total and I definitely experienced a little bit of culture shock!  I’ll explain:

I expected to eat a lot of vegetables and “clean” food while we were there.  I was wrong.  Rice, fried meat, and ramen were the only options most of the time.  I expected to be able to tough out the time differences.  I was wrong.  I was a zombie (basically sleep-walking) by 7:00pm Japan time the first few days.  I expected to be able to get around most of the time just by looking at maps.  I was wrong.  We would have been in big trouble (outside the big cities) if Jace didn’t speak the language.  I expected to be able to throw away garbage anytime I needed to.  I was wrong.  I’m convinced Japan is the cleanest place in the world, but there are very few garbage cans.  Expect to hold your garbage all day long.  😂 I expected to hit my goal of 10,000 steps every day.  I was wrong.  I walked between 18,000 and 25,000 on average and a slow day was 12,000 steps.  Let’s just say I did not feel bad about working out only once while we were there.

I could talk about every little detail of our trip but that would make this post incredibly long.  So I’ll keep it shorter and invite you to ask questions if you want to know anything else!  Comment below and I’ll be sure to respond. 😘 Below are some of my favorite photos from our trip.  Enjoy!

IMG_2710-6-63IMG_2621-61IMG_2415-55IMG_2218-53IMG_2259-54IMG_2054-51IMG_1906-8-49IMG_1660-48IMG_1652-46IMG_1650-45IMG_1604-42IMG_1362-37IMG_1209-34IMG_1239-35IMG_1254-36IMG_1166-32IMG_0919-28IMG_0847-27IMG_0737-25IMG_0700-24IMG_0678-23IMG_0451-12Processed with VSCO with e7 presetIMG_2581 2-15IMG_0412-10IMG_0441-11IMG_0202-8IMG_0157-7IMG_2499-4-60IMG_3238-10-68IMG_3281-70IMG_3379-72IMG_3353-71IMG_3545-76IMG_9943-1



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