Adult Acne

Growing up I never really had acne.  Sure, I had a few pimples every once in a while but they were never something I was too concerned about.  Even during puberty my skin was pretty clear!

THEN this thing called adult acne happened (insert eye roll here).  UGH!  I was so frustrated because I hadn’t changed anything about my lifestyle– I had been using the same face wash and moisturizer for years, I was eating more whole foods and less processed foods than ever before, and my stress level was probably lower than it had been for a while.  I could not figure it out!

Then one day I was listening to Goal Digger Podcast and the owner of Primally Pure Skincare was telling her story.  I’m all about natural products and natural ingredients, so I swear I heard angels singing when Bethany said she only uses organic, pure, simple ingredients for her skincare line.  HALLELUJAH!

Immediately I reached out to Primally Pure and I asked them which products work best for my skin type.  They were so quick to respond and they sent me their cleansing oil, fancy face serum, and complexion mist.  I started to see a big difference within just a couple days!

Just before I started breaking out, one of my sisters was experiencing acne due to gluten, so I wanted to try eating gluten-free to see if that helped me at all.  Did you know you can find gluten in way more than just breads and pastas?  Check out the packaging on your favorite foods in your panty.  You can find gluten in things like chewing gum, soy sauce, flavored potato chips, salad dressing, curry, canned soup, alcohol, and even restaurant eggs!  Sometimes restaurants put pancake batter in their eggs to make them “extra fluffy.”  WHAT.

As you can see, being on a gluten-free diet can be really difficult (as I’m sure a lot of you already know).  That’s why I chose to avoid it whenever possible, but I’ll still use a salad dressing containing gluten and eat curry every once in a while.  Today, I’d say I eat a gluten-free diet about 90% of the time.

Staying away from gluten actually cleared up my skin the most!  I never feel sick when I eat gluten products, but my skin goes into panic mode and starts throwing acne around like it’s birthday confetti.  Annoying.

To sum this post up, what works best for me is using natural skincare products and refraining from gluten whenever possible.  Some other things I’ve heard work well to clear up acne are staying away from dairy, eggs, biotin, and processed foods.  If you’ve ever experienced acne let me know what helped/helps you clear it up!  I’d love to share any insights you’ve found to work.  XO!

IMG_5766-3IMG_5761-2Products: Primally Pure

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  1. I love this! I suffered/suffer from adult acne as well. I am actually planning a blog pot of my own this week to cover the topic as well! I agree with you on diet for sure. I also have incorporated dermaplaning once a month and I think it makes a world of difference! Thank you for sharing!


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