Small Fish in a Big Sea

Last night I was talking to my husband about the way I’ve been feeling recently.  There are SO MANY things I want to accomplish and sometimes I feel like I’m just not doing well enough.  I told my husband that sometimes I feel like a tiny fish in the huge sea– I feel lost and like I’m being swallowed up by all the “bigger fish” who are performing much better than I am in one area or another.  The way he responded really helped me put things in perspective.  

He told me that at one point, all those big fish started out at babies too.  They had to work, learn, and grow to the size they’re at now.  In order to see results they had to put forth effort.   

You can’t lose by trying!  Even when you’re moving in the wrong direction you’re still learning something.  There’s no comfort in the growth zone, and there’s no growth in the comfort zone.  A big sea just means more opportunity for growth, learning, and support.

Here’s to trying new things even when they seem hard.  Here’s to embracing the new opportunities that come your way.  Here’s to having great friends and family members to support you when times get tough.


Photo credit: Kristina Curtis Photography (Instagram @kristinacurtisphotography)


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