Stronger Together

Growing up in a family of five girls means drama, hairspray on every bathroom counter, too many shoes to count, arguments about who has more clothes, a zillion dance recitals, and enough jewelry to last a lifetime.

It also means you have a constant shopping buddy, shoulder to cry on, someone to cheer you on, someone who has your back, and someone to tell you when your outfit is not working out too well for you.


Isn’t it funny how we all grew up in the same household, yet each of us are so different.  We have different personality types, strengths, and weaknesses.  We look different, sound different, act different, and enjoy different things.  One lesson I’ve learned growing up with these sisters of mine is that we may be different, but we each are beautiful in our own ways.

Alexa is the oldest of us five.  She is strong-willed, the most determined person I’ve ever met, and extremely generous.  Alexa will be the first one to drop what she is doing to help a friend or family member.  Most of the time people don’t guess we’re sisters though because she has waaaaaay darker skin than I do.

I fall second oldest in this crazy bunch!

Kaitlyn could not be more fun.  She is always joking around, making people laugh, and ready for a good time.  She makes friends with everyone she meets!  She always knows the latest trends and is unbelievably talented when it comes to interior design… so if you ever need help with that she’s your girl.

Lacey has a heart of gold and will always stand up for her friends, family, or anyone who needs her help.  She is the first to make people feel good about themselves and so easy to talk to.  Not to mention she’s a little fashionista and always looks like a babe!

Savannah is sassy, bold, and goal-oriented.  When she sets her mind to something she does everything she can to get there.  She is not afraid to be goofy and for some reason she’s got a talent for every single thing she picks up– whether it’s cheer, guitar, cooking, or photography.

My sisters have taught me quite a bit over the years.  They have taught me how to be open and accepting of all personality types.  They have taught me how to be patient even when I feel I can’t be, and loving even when I don’t agree.  Above all, my sisters have taught me not to compare myself to them.  As you can see we are each so different.  We have different likes and dislikes; we have different strengths and weaknesses; and we have very different personality types.  We may have unique traits, but that does not put one of us above another.

“A flower does not think about competing with the flower next to it.  It just blooms”

This is true for all women all over the world.  We are stronger together, smarter together, more clever together.  We are more creative together, skilled together, and can accomplish so much more working together.   May we put our differences aside and find joy in our unique traits.  You are amazing, just the way you are!


Photos: Ashley Swenson Photo (Instagram @ashleyswensonphoto)
Makeup:  Rachael, Kiss N’ Makeup (Instagram @rach.kissnmakeup)
Flower Crowns:  Brush Fire Floral (Instagram @brushfirefloral)
Jewelry: Everwear (Instagram @everwear) and Lady Scorpio (Instagram @ladyscorpio101)
Dresses: (Alexa) Show Me Your Mumu, (Aly) Roolee Boutique, (Kaitlyn & Lacey) Free People, (Savannah) Loft



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  1. This is beautiful! I am just finding your blog through Shine where you posted a post not too long ago. I’m so impressed by you! And I’m currently re-designing my own blog and found your happy little space on the interweb inspiring to what I’m wanting to put together!


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