Holiday Cheer

Christmas is right around the corner and I CANNOT WAIT!  This is my favorite holiday because it is full of service, love, and thoughtfulness.  I love the holiday lights and parties. The music is amazing and I love being able to celebrate my Savior’s birth for an entire month.  Of course, we cannot forget the fun of giving and receiving gifts too!

I got together with a few friends for a little holiday party / photoshoot and I am so excited to share these with you.  This year I am trying to focus on purchasing gifts from small shops to find unique gifts and help small business owner’s dreams come true!  We had a blast collaborating with some of our favorite companies and spreading holiday cheer. Check out the photos and collaborators below.


BIG thank you to:
Bree Lena for the holiday outfits (Instagram @breelena)
Kneaders for the desserts (@kneaders)
Everwear for the jewelry (@everwear)
Olivia Markle for the photos (@oliviamarkle)
Blushing Rose Floral for the flowers (@blushingrosefloral)
Alexis for the spray tans (@spraytansbyalexis)
Stock Footage Inc / Creative Media Group for the holiday film (coming soon! @stockfootageinc & @creativemediagroup)
Marisa Rose for my makeup (@marisarosemph)
Jill for a few other’s makeup (@jillenefarrbeauty)
Floral Lemon for the set design (@florallemon)
Shop Honey Beat for the leggings gift (@shophoneybeat)
Fawn Design for the diaper bag gift (@fawndesign)
Mirina Collections for the necklace gift (@mirinacollections)
Pucker Up Style for the LipSense gift (@puckerupstyle)
Pucker Up Style (@puckerupstyle) and The Classy Giraffe (@theclassygiraffe) for organizing this amazing shoot and


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